We are a company that designs spaces, graphic design and integral production. We are dedicated to creating projects that start from an idea to the final installation with a committed and good energy human team.


We transform your ideas into surprising spaces that create unique experiences with your brand, generating positioning and remembrance.

The whole process starts with an idea and we take care of listening, reading or simply seeing it in a freehand drawing. That's where our work begins!

  • The design and production team creates in a short time some sketches and after defining the final models, begins the elaboration of the graphic proposal in 3D (3D).

  • You will see your idea with real colors and finishes!

  • We can also send you a video animation where you can analyze each piece centimeter by centimeter, so you will not miss any detail.


    The production of each project is personalized and we are inspired by what our clients dream.

    We support them with an experienced work team and we are dedicated to creating spaces that meet objectives. We are a company with more than ten years of experience in large fairs, congresses and commercial exhibitions, which have been held throughout the country.

    Our main headquarters are located in the city of Barranquilla and we provide our services nationwide.

    All our projects are personalized with high quality materials and we accompany the entire production process to take care of the details and the final finish we want.

    We have facilities, machinery and trained personnel, capable of carrying out any work.

    Controlling production gives us the advantage of offering a quality service at a competitive price.

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    Everything enters through the eyes

    It is the perfect complement between audiovisual and graphic elements to strengthen that communication with your guests.
    We create environments with innovative designs

    • The important thing is that we build everything with quality, taking as a guide a graphic proposal in 3D, approved by our customers.

    • We design every detail and build every part of the scenario completely customized.

    • The color of the stage can be chosen by the client and the same as the frames of the screens, lecterns and every part that requires an inspiring touch.

    • Lighting plays a very important role in decoration, that's why we have a high-tech equipment to perform all the dreamed environment.

      Stage Designs

      The first impression is what counts and the scenario will be the first thing your customers see when they enter the event room.

      We give a high level to their scenarios with modern designs that go hand in hand with the image policies of each client.

      We provide support and guarantee in expert hands, we have lighting, furniture, own logistics, and a highly qualified manufacturing and assembly personnel.

      We work with the best materials and we have the latest technologies both in the area of computing for design and management, as well as in the manufacture and assembly of your stage.

      Your stage will be a great showcase to sell your products and services.


      Islands - Showcases - Points of Sale - Exhibitions

      Everything is design, from choosing the color of a chair to determining the size of the space to sell a product or service. Our group of professionals will work hand in hand to create interiors with high commercial value

      • We specialize in creating personalized spaces, each project is different and needs to capture the essence of your brand and its differential value.

      • More than 10 years of experience in strategic interior design.

      • The pieces are designed in 3D and proposed with high quality materials.

      • All the elaboration process is carried out by qualified personnel, taking care of every detail to guarantee the quality in the finishes.

        Design of interior design / commercial spaces

        Islands - Showcases - Points of Sale - Exhibitions.

        We elaborate a design according to your need. Each project is unique and requires our attention to give importance to each detail of the process.

        We seek that the space is not only beautiful, but a functional and efficient business that converts visitors into recurring clients, that transmits authentic emotions and sensations.

        We build high quality exhibitions so that your company can differentiate itself in the place of sale or trade fair.

        We are manufacturers and installers, which avoids the long chain of intermediaries, allowing a competitive price and a quick response to the customer.

        This is what we do in Prologyc

        • 1. Strategic Analysis

          Think before you draw!

          We know our client better to give him the best value proposition possible. Only through a mixture of marketing and interior design will we be able to capture and exploit our true differential identity.

        • 2. Conceptualization of Space

          Interior design

          Through knowledge and our experience, we create commercial spaces that will speak the same language of the client. We express in them the true essence of your company and thus get more identified customers with your brand and different corporate spaces.

        • 3. Installation

          Delivery and Result

          The experience in execution and the detail at the time of projecting, allows us to reduce the unforeseen work. We design everything. Our plans include every detail to leave nothing to chance. Lighting design, custom furniture design, construction details, technical measurements, trademarks, materials and finishes, etc.


        We are your Strategic Ally

        • Logistic staff:

          We have the experience and qualified personnel for the development of your projects: Logistics - Coordinators - Models

        • Mobile advertising:

          We provide advertising Vans services and Fencing Cars with the image of your campaign

        • Mobile Activations:

          We offer the organization of mobile caravans in neighborhoods with support of BTL strategies

        • Boost Point of Sale:

          We promote and strengthen your brand with trained personnel and advertising material

        Our experience

        If you need a company on the Colombian Caribbean coast, responsible and 100% committed to your events, please contact us. We would love to be part of your projects.

        Some of our clients who have trusted us